Our Providence Schools Reopening Strong plan is a comprehensive document with a great deal of information. We know that 90+ pages of details can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing, and that is why we are providing this executive summary to convey the plan’s key points in simple, straightforward language.

Executive Summary: Guiding Principles for Reopening Strong

  • Put safety and wellness first: We will make decisions that put the mental, emotional, and physical health and safety of our students, staff, and community first.
  • Be equitable: We will provide access to high-quality programming for all students and, when needed, prioritize our students who have been most impacted by educational inequities and COVID-19, including our youngest learners, multilingual learners, and students who are differently-abled.
  • Strive for excellence in results: We plan to get stronger long term, not just survive. We will continuously assess and improve what we do and take advantage of opportunities created by our new context.
  • Be flexible, transparent, and responsive: We will engage our community members with transparent communication and honor their voices by listening. We will keep our plans simple so we can adjust course as circumstances change.
  • Prioritize in-person learning: In-person learning best supports our ability to build a connected community and structure engaging, culturally-responsive, rigorous learning. To the greatest extent possible, we will provide predominantly in-person learning.